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June 5, 2008

My progress with OpenSuse 10.3

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Last night I installed OpenSuse 10.3, the install was clean, no problem, really fast.

After that, the first was to install madwifi to enable my atheros wifi card, that was a problem because I couldn’t use repositories, I booted up other linux and I downloaded the kernel source package from the official repository and the madwifi source package from the madwifi site.

Then I installed them in the OpenSuse system:

#rpm -i kernel-source-

#rpm -i madwifi-

The GCC compiler and make tool are needed too, they can be downloaded from the official site as other packages needed.

#rpm -i gcc-4.2-24.i586.rpm

#rpm -i make-3.81-66.i586.rpm

Then just build the madwifi driver:

#cd /usr/src/packages/SOURCES

#tar xvfj madwifi-

#cd madwifi-

#make && make install

#modprobe ath_pci

That should build, install and load the driver, it can be checked with iwconfig tool or dmesg.

Then I used yast2 to configure my network and it worked fine.

I have other little problems I’m not still sure how to solve yet or I’ve solved them already.

  • For example, I have a Pentium IV CPU and p4-clockmod is not loaded at boot so I can’t change the frequency unless I load it:

#modprobe p4-clockmod

  • There is another thing I don’t like, when I’m installing packages or refreshing repositories, the CPU load goes to 100% so the whole system gets a little slow, I’ve never seen that using aptitude.
  • The bootsplash is not loaded at boot, I can see the kernel booting in text mode, I’m sure it’s easy to change, but…then I’ve to do it.
  • I would like to see knetworkmonitor loaded by default in KDE, it is not so yast2 must be used to configure the network.
  • To install amsn I had to add a new repository, the package is not in the official one. After that and intalling it, amsn didn’t load because libtk8.5 and libtcl8.5 links weren’t created in /usr/lib, it was easy to solve:

#ln -s /usr/local/lib/libtk8.5.lib /usr/lib

#ln -s /usr/local/lib/libtcl8.5.lib /usr/lib

  • When I’m browsing Internet with konqueror and move the scrolling bar on the right, it’s slow, the web page moves slow, the desktop seems to work pretty fast and light but konqueror rendering the webs is a little slow, slower than konqueror in Debian or Kubuntu.

I’ll see how can I solve those things.

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  1. Güaaaat an incredibol, peich!!
    Ai gul laik to jaf a peich laik dis güane! Bat nau ayam meiquing a practis (abaut Compileitors, llu nou), and ai am beri busi.
    Meibi güen ai finis de compileitor ai güil grait in mai blog.
    Si llu sun!

    Comment by Alfredo — June 17, 2008 @ 11:24 pm

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