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March 11, 2011

Tree Style Tab and Firefox 4.0

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It seems Tree Style Tab is not working with firefox 4.0 yet, it works just for the betas, you can make it work easily and fast if you want to.

First of all, you have to have firefox 4 installed. You will also need the Tree Style Tab xpi file, download the last version from the download section.

Once you have the treestyletab.xpi file, open it with a zip archiver like 7zip, winrar or just rename it as and double click it.

Localize the file install.rdf inside the zip file, it’ll be in the root level. Then you just have to edit it, go to line 157 (it may change depending on the Tree Style Tab version).

em:maxVersion=”4.0b12pre” />

Change the maxVersion to one equal or higher than your firefox installed.

em:maxVersion=”4.1″ />

Save the file overwriting the old install.rdf and drop treestyletab.xpi to the firefox window, the installation will succeed.

Now you just have to restart firefox. You can follow the same procedure with any firefox extension, of course, it may not work, that’s why the programmer didn’t include the new firefox version.


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