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August 26, 2011

Freshman with an iPad

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I recently got an iPad, this is my first iOS device so I’m going to write my firsts impressions with this device and this system.

I must say I’m not an Apple fanboy and I have quite experience with Android (1.5-2.3).

First impressions:
  • It’s heavy, heavier than I imagined but it can be held on one hand easily.
  • Build quality seems very good.
  • Touch screen sensitivity is amazing.
  • It’s fast, very fast, shifting screen, opening and closing apps, web browsing…FAST
Needless to say I’m used to the weight already, I really like the smoothness and speed of iOS on the iPad, I don’t know if it’s so fast on iPhone.
After configuring accounts, wifi, etc…first thing was to install apps from the App Store, I used iTunes on a PC at first, now I use the App Store iPad application.
  • First thing I noted on the Apple App Store is that there are very little user comments and punctuations, I really find these useful since I used them on Android Market to know if the app is what I’m looking for.
  • Maybe there is but I haven’t found it yet, I would like to have a method to get a refund for apps, I may want to try them to know if they’re useful or I like them, if not I would like to uninstall them and get my money back since there is little user feedback.
  • Autocompletion on the search box could be nicer if it includes other users searches, not only apps names.
First apps I installed:
  • Google Search:
    Well…you get a link to google apps, they run on Safari so it’s like browsing Google Apps. You have a push Gmail notifier that will open your inbox in Safari.
    I guess I was hoping for something more, Google apps on Android are a real beauty.
  • IM+:
    An IM client, I have used it with Gtalk, it works fine most of the time.
    I got lot of FC (Force Close) at first, after an update it seems quite stable but I don’t like very much the interface.
    Here I noted how the notifications on iOS suck, I will talk about this later on this post.
    Now it works fine, when I’m browsing and someone talks to me, I change to IM+ app and I have to wait some seconds until the new messages are shown on the conversation window, it bothers me when I’m browsing and chatting because I can’t have a fast conversation, iPad is fast, IM+ is not.
  • Angry birds: Nothing to say here, it works great, fast and nice graphics.
  • Dropbox: I like this app, not very integrated in system as Dropbox for Android is, but it works fine.
  • Evernote: Very nice, fast, no problem at all.
Multitasking and notifications
Multitasking works fine with IM applications, IM+ uses push but it still drains the battery.
You can double press the button to see all apps “loaded in memory” and keep the finger on one of them to kill them.
Notifications are a joke, at least what I’ve seen, come on, it’s 2011!! notifications show a popup message or a number on the app icon. So I have to take a look to my desktop to know what’s happening or I see my web browsing interrupted when someone talks to me.
I think iOS5 implements notifications like Android or WebOS…that’s nice, nice and late!
This is what I really don’t like about iOS user experience, they really need to redesign all the notifications and information system. I know GUIs Apple policy but I really hate notifications now.

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