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June 19, 2008

Some problems with OpenSuse 11

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The system works great but there are some glitches I would like to be solved.

  • Kopete shows a notification windows always a contact writes me, I’ve disabled every notification but it stills shows them.
  • Flash plugin is not working under Konqueror4, it shows a gray square where the flash app should be, nothing more.

I’ve installed kopete from KDE3, it isn’t so beautiful but at least it is not so annoying.


I’ve configured Kmail with IMAP Gmail, it works fine but when I want to download all mail to local for offline access (backup) it doesn’t download them all or it crashes configuring it, so I’ve installed Thunderbird and it works perfectly fine, I’m starting to think OpenSuse 11.0 is not a final version, it’s a beta in my opinion.

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