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April 10, 2008

FAR Manager with K750i@W800 cid49?

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Is it posible to access to the FS with FAR just as FAR does with cid36 mobiles? I’m looking forward to a way to do that without flashing the dumb MAIN everytime I want to change something in the FS.
Any explanation, comment, link…please?

March 3, 2008

Patching k750i red49

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Patching this phone is really easy, it will take some time but I didn’t have any problem with the phone. Some patches make the phone laggy or freezes it but you only have to reflash the previous firmware and try another patch or another version, the phone will work fine.

We will need some tools:

Gslide: app used to patch the firmware image.
XS++: tool used to flash the firmware into the phone.
W800_R1BC002_MAIN_EU_EMEA_RED49: firmware image.

The process is simple:

    1- Get the firmware image binary you want to use. If you’re using the k750i or w800 you can use any k750 or w800 image, I used the w800 with my k750.
    Run Gslide, this app is used to apply the patches you want to use. Select the image bin from step 1 and the patches you’ve downloaded, these work fine with mine.
    Then apply and you’ll get a flash.bin image in your gslide directory, that image is the one you will flash into your phone later.
    3- Now it’s time to flash the new image. Run XS++, it will ask you to turn off the phone and plug the USB wire while pressing “c” button, then the app will detect your phone. Then select to flash only “main”, don’t flash “FS”.
    Select the flash.bin file you’ve just generated with gslide, and wait until it’s completed.

    4- Unplug your phone, extract the battery and insert it again, then turn on your phone as usual. It should work with your new firmware.

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