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June 4, 2008

Next Linux distributions I’ll test

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I’ve seen a video which shows how the zypper version that comes with OpenSuse 11 will solve the problems I talked about.

Another distro a user recommended me was MEPIS, version 7.0 is based again in Debian 4.0 Etch, I’ve already downloaded the liveCD+install iso so I’ll try tonight.

If I like MEPIS I may install it and I will install OpenSuse when the version 11 comes out, I’m gonna like to have a nice KDE-centered Linux distro.

I’ve used FreeBSD too, but I didn’t like to compile the packages, I know there are binaries but I think they were old…maybe I was wrong, I may try PC-BSD, a FreeBSD distro very easy which uses .pbi packages, something like install packages in Windows, you ust download a file which contais all libraries and binaries needed to work. There is a website with tons of packages where you can download them.

I may try this one, but I’m not sure since the last time I installed FreeBSD, was version 6.0, I had problems with the madwifi wifi driver, the wifi card worked but the computer was so slow it couldn’t be used, with the driver unloaded the system was fast enough.

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