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March 19, 2008

Cleaning your computer

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A computer is like a vacuum cleaner, it sucks all the dust in the floor and the room and collects it inside. You can see all the dust in the fans and in the heat dissipaters.

Dust make your fans make more noise, can block the air flow so your components won’t be well cooled, etc.
You will need some tools to clean all the dust, a vacuum cleaner, some screwdrivers and maybe some cleaning cloths, silicone based lubricant…

Disconnect all the wires from the computer and open it, start removing every card, fan, optical units, hard drives, floppy drives, power supply…take care to remember where were connected all the wires, fans and so.

Take a good look, there is a lot of dust that need to be removed or will become a problem in some dissipater, fan or in your lungs.

Once cleaned:

Ooooh, silence…

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